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"What Can I Overeat Without Gaining Weight?"

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

This becomes the million-dollar question whenever an appetite explosion occurs.

(Please understand that when I say "over eat", I'm referring to over-indulgence within reason. I'm not talking about eating the entire container or bag of something from initial opening to the last crumbs.)

Losing weight without counting calories is so doable, practical, and surprisingly possible that it's recommended by many health advisors. Of course, we know a weight loss plan is bound to fail with habitual trips (or any trip, for some of us) to places like the fast food burger joint and candy stores. But what if reckless eating takes place within the desirable boundaries of health food? Delicious health food, appealing to an appetite that has suddenly become a bit demanding for more and more...

This happens to me from time to time. And when it does, I agonize with the question: "Well, what in the world (of "health food") can I overeat without gaining weight?" Nobody has ever been able to tell me with one answer that would fit all. And I don't think anybody ever will.

I'm learning that the answer to my question depends on:

1... how much cardio, as well as strength training, is in my exercise routine...

2... how many calories my desired "health" food actually has...

3... how my history of either damaging or building back up my metabolism can impact a moment of extreme indulgence...

4... (And most unfair of all the criteria) how fast or slowly my genetic make-up allows my body to metabolize the food.


Twin sisters, Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison, are authors on healthy eating sharing tips that would help other women achieve the challenging goal of health weight.

Trim Healthy Mama Plan is their successful work as writers on healthy living, accompanied by their cook book called Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook: Eat Up and Slim Down with More Than 350 Healthy Recipes.


I'm not a health expert who can claim to list my personal experiences as a definite answer to my question. But I have noticed that a combination of all the following practices make a significant difference for me and reduce my risk of gaining weight when I find myself on a risky path:

1... Keeping green tea and a small host of other herbal teas as daily intakes (like ginger, cinnamon 1-2 weeks at a time, and white tea);

2... Consuming a lot of veggies plus moderate fruits, proteins (primarily lean grilled chicken, boiled eggs), and some healthy fats (like avocados, olive oil, and almond oil);

3... Taking supplements like flaxseed oil, salmon oil, rhodiola rosea, and probiotic prebiotic;

4... Drinking water throughout the day and replacing all meal beverages with it;

5... Eating nothing after 7pm on most nights;

6... Doing cardio and strength training 3-4 times per week.

With that pointed out, I've noticed that the following foods are the ones which have yet to impose a risk on me gaining weight whenever I over-indulge in them, as I routinely keep the above 6 practices.

1... Cooked greens (collards, mustards, or kale) seasoned, packed with cooked onions, and flavored with a turkey leg;

2... Raw kale, which is hard to overeat without the help of the following ingredients that make it into such a good salad that I prepare it as a large dish eaten twice within minutes: boiled egg, avocado slices/dices, almond slices tomatoes, apple slices/dices, some spinach leaves, about a tablespoon of olive oil or almond oil, light salt, and oregano;

3... Pistachios or sliced almonds as snacks;

4... Pecans (I do not know why);

5... Blue Diamond Artisan Flaxseed Nut Thins with Trader Joe's Salted Almond Butter (Again, I don't know why; but it never fails me.);

6... Cabbage Soup with the following ingredients: homemade bone broth (starting with raw chicken and the bones cooked all the way down over 3+ hours in a pot of water with apple cider vinegar, a lot of onions, garlic, and oregano);

7... Lima beans with avocado, oregano, and light salt;

8... Plain cooked okra - stirred in olive oil, seasoned with oregano and lightly salted.


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