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Recipe: Salad-Eater Burger

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Love it because it's a smarter choice and a delicious alternative.

Ingredients & Instructions for Approximately 5 Burger Sliders

Protein and added ingredients:

----- 1-1.5 lbs. of Ground turkey (or lean, uninjected ground sirloin/ground round/ground chuck for tight budget)

-----Desired amount of grated onion

-----Desired amount of chopped green onion

-----Desired amount of fresh finely chopped kale (Optionally, try drying the kale on 225 degrees for a few hours in the oven until they're crispy without scorch. Then add as an ingredient.)

-----Light amount of fresh finely chopped parsley or parsley flakes

-----1 small egg for every 1 pound (16 oz) approx. of ground meat

-----Light salt

-----Optional light sprinkle of cayenne pepper

Ingredients for the Guacamole Spread:

-----1-2 Small Avocado(s)

-----Desired amount of grated onions or pureed caramelized onions (for a smoother texture of the spread)

-----Desired amount of squeezed lemon and/or lime

-----A few drops of an oil (extra virgin olive or avocado oil) - approx. 3-4 tsps. per 1 avocado


-----Light salt

-----Optional light sprinkle of cayenne pepper

Remaining ingredients:

-----Desired amount of diced onions (preferably 1 small raw or cooked)

-----1 Small thinly sliced tomato, each cut in half or in 4's

-----Washed Kale leaves, spinach leaves, or lettuce to desired amount

-----Optional skillet-toasted slider burger buns or sliced dinner rolls (whole/multi-grain, toasted on the cut side of the buns, minutely spread with extra virgin olive oil and butter, on medium heat in a skillet until golden inside)

-----For bunless, stir cleaned, sliced portabello mushrooms (or mini bells) over medium heat in olive oil until they are cooked to desire.

-----Include optional condiments of choice. (Try to avoid the mayonnaise because there is a delicious, healthier, weight-loss promoting substitute in the guacamole spread.)

To make the patties:

1... Beat the egg.

2... Mix the egg into the ground meat.

3... Lightly salt and add the optional cayenne pepper.

4... Mix in all other ingredients listed with the protein.

5... Form the patties to fit the size of the buns and choose your thickness.

6... In a skillet (preferably non-stick), place patties in and cook each side until it's apparent they are well-done. The time each side cooks depends on size and thickness of the patties.

To make the guacamole spread:

1... Peel the avocado(s) and spoon it into a bowl to mix ingredients.

2... Add the oil and the lime/lemon juice to mix into a creamy spread.

3... Add the grated/pureed onions and mix.

4... Lightly salt while adding paprika and the optional light cayenne pepper. And continue mix, aiming for a smooth consistency.

5... Spread onto 1 or both buns or spoon a small serving on the side of a bunless.

Take the rest of the ingredients and prepare the burger. (If you hate onions, you might still like the cooked onions with the burger. Try it. Tell us what you think.)

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