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Meal Combinations That Have Contributed To My Weight Loss

From the following combinations, I am able to see gradual results in my weight loss journey.

Berry Mix and A Boiled Egg (or 2)

Alongside a boiled egg, a small bowl of berries all make up a fiber-protein combination that delivers results for me.

My body responds best to blueberries while it minimally favors strawberries, as it seems. (Of course, every person's body is different from that of another.) Sometimes I actually wonder if the blueberries by themselves work just as well as a mixture. Because I do eat the blueberries alone more often than a berry mix, I certainly hope so.

I'm not a fan of spending money on packaged protein due to limited budget. So, boiled eggs (as do grilled chicken chunks) serve as a very reliable source of the protein that I need in the mornings. This combination of fiber and protein are perfect together as a breakfast that leaves me satisfied - well, satisfied as in regular.

Lima Beans And Avocado

This combination is my favorite as either a side item with a full meal or as a meal itself inside of a bowl.

A light sprinkle of salt, some oregano, a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, and sometimes a small amount of butter makes this dish more tasty than it actually looks. At the beginning of my weight loss journey and occasionally these latter days, I notice how the scale seems very friendly when I weigh myself through days of consuming this combination consecutively.

I thought the favorable results of limas and avocado was just my imagination until I tried black beans with avocado for one day. One day. My body responded with bloating. Not only that, but the scale stalled during a time when it had been wavering downward. I was surprised and even bothered because, not only do I love black beans with avocado, they have fiber, too. But my body said, "So, what!"

Well, as I've repeated what I've read or heard from a few bloggers/vloggers, everybody's body is different.

Blue Diamond Artisan Flaxseed Nut-Thins and Trader Joe's Salted Almond Butter

Flaxseed Crackers And Almond Butter

I scared myself one night because I felt like I over-ate this. I know I did. I ate a lot of them.

Over a period of time, snacking on these Blue Diamond Artisan Flaxseed Nut-Thins with Trader Joe's Salted Almond Butter have promised a delicious snack without consequences for me.

The crackers contain brown rice, almonds, and flaxseeds of course. The almond butter, which is my personal favorite brand, is neither dry nor bland.

The Greens 'n Ginger Smoothie At

Jamba Juice (Not represented in the beautiful picture to the right)

Among Jamba Juice's many delicious smoothies, this is my favorite with several tweaks. I say "tweaks" because, if a customer wants to reduce their sugar intake, it would be best to inform the Jamba Juice attendant.

Jamba Juice makes the Greens 'n Ginger smoothie with mango, peach, kale, ginger, and lemonade (which they actually label as "lemon" for whatever reason).

Well, I instruct them every time I order this to make it into an ideal smoothie for me. Their employees are so friendly and accommodating at every location I've visited. (They are very understanding when you explain to them that you're watching your sugar intake.)

The smoothie becomes perfect when I tell them how I need it prepared. (Bear in mind, I had to acquire a taste for this over time because I was used to processed sugar. But it's so worth the first 3 or so efforts to get used to it.) So, here's how I make my special request for Greens 'n Ginger Smoothie:

----- Light on the mango and on the peaches.

----- No lemonade at all.

----- Substitute that lemonade with a juiced apple. (This was suggested by Jamba Juice the first time I ordered it this way.)

----- Heavy on the ginger. (I'm willing to pay extra for it.)

----- Even though there's already kale in the smoothie, boost it with extra kale.

----- Add a boost of collagen.

Yes, it tastes good. And can you believe my 7 year old drinks all of her Berry Beets smoothie that is boosted with kale? She's like it that way since day one.

Green Tea and Ginger

Not a food combination here, but it seems to deliver more results than everything I've listed. I've noticed that when I eliminate this combination from my diet for a long period of time, I don't get my weekly weight loss of 1-1.25 pounds.

Fresh ginger always gives the best results with my green tea. But let me comment about the lemon in the picture. In my opinion, it worsens the taste of green tea, which is too bitter to look forward to unless I pair the combination with some spearmint as well as peppermint tea bags. From there, green tea and ginger are a dynamic duo.

If you experience positive weight loss support from any food, drink, or combination, please share with readers in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you.

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