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10 Ways Coconut Oil Enhances Hair Care

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

When applied as a stand-alone, coconut oil needs no help conditioning the hair.

Coconut oil has proven itself to be a treasure in many households. Within the last couple of decades, it has actually become a valued discovery, thanks to many experts and authors like Dr. Axe, who introduced it to novices like myself. These experts accurately inform health-conscious consumers about the oil's favorable results on diet, skin, and the hair. It's made up of healthy fats.

Its versatility has become a broadly used need in my household for the rich benefits. Because my skin does not absorb the topical use of coconut oil well, as it actually worsens my acne despite reports that it does help the acne of others, my primary use of it is for hair care. Its range of impact on my household's hair care (which includes Hispanic, African American, and Mulatto textures) makes it a promising investment for a number of reasons.

Based on what I've learned as a WOTHAN (woman of the house and nurturer), the following has been my bono fide experience for years spraying 100% virgin unrefined coconut oil evenly throughout the hair:

1... Detangles hair - whether it's dry or wet.

2... Softens hair after the last rinse of a wash by lightly coating it or (on dry hair also) upon being sprayed with the oil in a spray bottle.

3... Temporarily treats dandruff and pairs very effectively with a heated honey and aloe mixture. (I would suggest using it on the scalp in moderation because overuse can form scalp acne, which has been a problem for mine - having no history of any pimples on my scalp prior to using it.)

4... Treats dry, brittle hair when used regularly.

5... Moisturizes hair without causing a heavy build-up of oil when using a spray bottle to coat the hair moderately about 3 times per week.

6... In the absence of a much needed hot oil treatment, it's a perfect replacement with no need of heating the oil. (Coconut oil can melt in the palm of your hand within considerably less than a minute.) I place a heating cap on, and after 20 to 30 minutes, I rinse well.

7... Conditions the hair perfectly - whether rinsed or as a leave-on that won't make the hair feel waxy.

8... Thickens hair as well as supports hair growth because the oil feeds the hair with all the nutrients that are needed to counter damage. And we know damage causes breakage.

9... On that note, it prevents split ends. (But it has never mended my split ends. Only hair scissors have done the job of mending those for me.)

10.. Saves money on hair care products. I've added volume to many conditions and shampoos with coconut oil. Chemical products like perms, relaxers, and colors are definitely an exception for me. I would keep those products as-is without any coconut oil. But because coconut generously feeds the hair with nutrients that texturize and give it the health it needs in order to grow, it does enhance many shampoos and conditioners when mixed with them while stretching the products to much needed cost effectiveness. (There are very likely many products that can also lose their effectiveness by adding anything to them. So, research thoroughly based on your needs and speak to specialists before adding coconut oil to them.)

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