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Everyday Can Be A Celebration While Holidays Can Be A Mission

If we would make holidays mean opportunity and provision to those in need, what would that look like?

Imagine a cold night alone on a day when sounds of harmonizing voices sing melodies that are a reminder of the past. Nostalgic songs bring memories. And memories that have disconnected the past from present reality often leave some in our society less motivated to pull themselves up and for others, less hopeful about life.

Many within our society seem to find resources to give in one way or another during holiday seasons. It's what keeps the atmosphere cheerful and set-apart from the monotony of daily routine.

What if we were to share such times by putting aside our desires for the cheerful feelings in exchange for a few hours of sacrifice? Feeding hungry wonderers. Providing resources to families who actually need clothing for their young ones. Here are some ideas:

1. Considering that much of the food will be leftovers for days, consider who can benefit from some portion of it.

2. Local mission facilities are often in need of additional volunteers. The sacrifice is rarely convenient but definitely impacting from the other end of it.

3. How many containers of food or ingredients are left unopened when holiday meals are prepared? The easiest way to give to underprivileged families is to give boxed goods in places where they are handed out for free.

4. Many times people don't need any tangible goods on holidays. With soup kitchens and mission centers opened, a few have actually been given their provision for the day (think about just "for the day"). Many times they need human interaction in the form of kind words in such places. Speak when serving in these places. Ask them what their preferences are when there is a chance. Take on the persona of an attending waiter. Let people know they are still important.

We can enjoy holidays beginning with fulfilling the holidays as a mission.

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