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Body-Friendly Power Smoothies

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

The answers to a boosted metabolism, a breakthrough from constipation, and energy that people can't seem to find beyond their coffee can start in a well-prepared smoothie.

The most challenging discovery about effective smoothies is that they aren't as sweet as many of us would like to believe they are. For a lot of people, smoothies that actually promote weight loss and healthy insulin levels might require an acquired taste before they can be considered delicious.

So, a delicious smoothie can either be friend or enemy to our bodies. It all depends on what we consider to be delicious. If not made with a careful balance, it can flatter our taste buds to the point of shocking weight gain because the word itself (smoothie) is almost always unselectively related to weight loss.

Over a span of months, I have regularly drunk smoothies with a convinced mind that I had come across a delicious way to jumpstart my mornings with an abundance of nutrition in a large cup. Large.

As I've been reading health blogs of experts, I'm learning that there are correct ways of preparing smoothies and having them prepared at reputable places like Jamba Juice.

Considering the amount of sugar that I'm adding to my smoothie is a continual challenge. Fresh fruit, which tastes so good already, can easily be assumed as indisputably healthy regardless of its amount simply because it's grown - just natural. Well, I assumed wrong. Too much fruit can equal too much sugar.

With more of a focus on kale, avocados, and cucumbers as ingredients added to light amounts of fruit, there are healthier smoothie recipes available for salad eaters like us. Here are two. One from the home kitchen and one (with tweak instructions) to request at Jamba Juice:

Smoothie One

"Fruit & Veggie Smoothie" - Home Prepared


-----1/2 of a kiwi - peeled, sliced and frozen

-----3/4 - 1 cup of blueberries - frozen

-----1 small apple or 3/4 of large apple (preferably fuji for its sweetness) - juiced

-----1 cup of kale - frozen

-----4-6 round slices of a cucumber (peeled for gentle taste, unpeeled for earthy taste but more nutritious) - frozen

-----1/2 avocado - previously refrigerated, then peeled and sliced

-----3-5 cubes of regular ice or 5 cubes of a frozen unsweetened mint tea (basically mint tea ice cubes, which can be previously brewed, cooled, and then placed in an ice tray)

-----2 tablespoons of chia seeds or flaxseeds (Optional)

You will also need with your blender:

-----A cold spoon previously cooled in the freezer

-----2 cold cups previously cooled in the freezer

To Make The Smoothie:

1... In a blender, first crush the ice or mint tea ice cubes. Spoon the crushed ice out with a cold spoon and place in a cold cup until the last step.

2... Blend together avocado, frozen cucumber slices, and frozen kale.

3... Add frozen blueberries and frozen kiwi.

4... Add juiced apple.

5... Add crushed ice/crushed mint tea cubes and, also, (as an option) add chia or flax seeds.

6... Blend.

7... Serve in a small cold cup.

Smoothie Two

"Greens 'n Ginger" - Purchased at Jamba Juice

These are the ingredients that Jamba Juice uses to make this amazingly tasty and weight-loss supporting smoothie:

1... Mango

2... Peach

3... Kale

4... Lemon (Actually lemonade under the label of lemon. Why? IDK)

5... Ginger

For a maximum benefit, this is how I have instructed them to tweak my smoothie:

1... Light on the Mango

2... Light on the Peach

3... Kale

4... Plus a boost of extra kale

5... No lemonade at all

6... Juiced apple

7... Heavy on the ginger (willing to pay upcharge)

8... Boost with collagen

Remember to keep this in mind: Acquired taste. Addiction to processed sugar already deceives our appetites to crave what's bad and to be grossed out by what actually supports our overall health, including healthy weight. Eventually, by making healthy smoothies and giving much needed instructions to those who make our smoothies, our taste buds can realize how pleasant such smoothies already are.

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