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14 Reasons To Love Avocado And Its Oil

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

Like a number of natural oils and supplements, the avocado's versatility provides the body both internal and external benefits.

If there is any single food that has proven itself to offer a multitude of benefits in my family, avocado is that 5-star food in my household. The blogs on this fruit are written by both experts and fellow laymen bloggers. Here are 14 uses of avocado that I've learned about and experienced in our household.

1... As a moisturizing face mask, fresh avocado can be mixed with fresh cool mint. 5 to 10 minutes are all my skin needs to absorb the nutrients in the fruit.

2... Avocado oil can be applied under the eyes at bedtime for wrinkles and bags. To avoid damaging the sensitive skin underneath the eyes, apply light oil gently with no other finger than each ring finger.

3... Speaking of the eye area - for brittle eye brows and eye lashes, lightly apply avocado oil with a clean eyelash brush at bed time. Be careful to avoid getting oil inside the eyes.

4... Use avocado oil to moisturize lips overnight. It gives no greasy or waxy feeling that I've experienced with regular everyday products I used to use for chapped lips.

5... Use the oil as a make-up remover.

6... Add the oil to shampoos, conditioners, and hair moisturizers.

7... Brush the oil into edges of the hair for a smoother look when styling.

And then, of course, there's the reason of eating. All types of dishes can become optimized with an addition of some avocado slices. I've noticed how some foods provide too few nutrients that my body needs for the weight-loss goals I have until I add avocado to them. I notice a difference when reading the logs and journals of my experiences through my journey. Avocados make a significant difference.

8... Wake up not only the flavors but the nutritious value of a good salad with avocado slices or dices. (At Pollo Loco, my son, his girlfriend, and I constantly order the dishes that have avocado.)

9... Add avocado on the side of grilled chicken and fork them together. They're delicious in one bite...IMHO

10.. Add avocado slices to sandwiches or burgers to optimize the experience of eating one. Don't forget the lettuce (or kale - or spinach - as a healthier replacement), tomatoes, and onions with a lean, well-done patty. Always remember that your healthiest burger/sandwich available to you is one prepared within your control - right there in your kitchen.

11.. Furthermore, on a burger or sandwich, replace mayonnaise with a whipped up mixture of avocado, light salt, grated onion, a few drops of an oil (olive or avocado), and squeezed lime(s) in a desired amount to make a creamy guacamole spread. This offers the creamy texture and a similarly distinguished taste of mayo. But it's an all-around better way for which your body will love you in that moment of eating the burger/sandwich - paired with other good stuff listed in the previous point.

12.. Diced inside beans like limas and black beans.

13.. Traditionally, as guacamole for tortilla chips. Make a creamy or chunky guacamole by mixing together avocado, chopped cilantro, onion dices (and/or chopped green onion), crushed garlic, diced tomatoes, squeezed lemon to desired amount, squeezed lime to desired amount, and light salt.

14.. Make a shredded chicken or lean beef taco with all the works, and don't forget to add the freshly made guacamole (with fresh ingredients) or avocados.

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