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Jul 12, 2018

Any Problems Signing Up For Membership?


Edited: Jul 26, 2018

Hey SaladEaters!


We've received notice that some people have tried to sign up as members but still have no access to the forum community. Here is a very possible answer:


Please notice that when you sign up, there is a short one-line sentence with a box next to it. That box needs to be checked. The sentence reads as follows:


"Join this site's community."


The check box next to that line must be checked in order to gain access to membership. Otherwise, your sign-up will only seem to be complete with your contact information only in our administrative files.


UPDATE ETA: After you are approved for membership, then you can sign in. Go to your account and your profile within it.


Only if you'd like to, change your profile name and your url name to whatever screen name you choose. Those names can be changed as often as you'd like. Save those names from each of their small sections that may show on the same screen.


There will be a link in your profile that says: "Join the community." Click it and you're ready to go!