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About Salad Eaters

Guess what...Salad is not the issue. We don't have to eat it for health or for weight-loss with so many other healthy options.
This is a quest for health tips and for various goals that we all somehow have in common.

As woman of the house and nurturer (WOTHAN, that is), I'm also a salad-eater with the same goal as most salad-eaters. That is to achieve a healthy weight and just overall health with the best choices I can possibly make. For those 2 reasons alone, I read a lot of and often visit other websites for support information.

In so many words, my own research is an attempt try to stay in the driver's seat of my own health with better choices, while keeping my doc close enough - but in the backseat.

BTW This thin woman in the above photo is NOT me. But that's okay. I'm in the forum. Join me in our online support.
So, when I reflect on why my family started this website and forum, here's what comes to mind immediately:

1)  With the challenge of achieving premium health and for some of us (like myself) weight loss, every online resource potentially becomes essential to our quest for all kinds of tips. So, with a common passion like the passion we have on our journey, we developed SaladEaters to be one of many available resources out there.

2)  That said, I highly respect the advice I read from experts. While our goal is to attract as many bona fide experts as we can to share advice here on, we have set up this platform to attract actual salad-eaters - meaning people who are on a journey that would qualify them to be able to say, "Hey, I tried this herbal tea...that exercise tip...this recipe...those healthy foods...this food elimination...that method. And as a result, here's what worked for me that might work for you guys as well."


We don't want to offer another blog that tells you only what studies show. If I have 20 pounds to lose or if I have some mysterious ailment that docs can neither pinpoint nor fix, I need more than studies. I need to know specifically what helped somebody else in my online community and how.

People who are experiencing real challenges, common challenges. We want to hear from those people to tell us all what actually worked for them. Sure, we can all read the messages on the forum and tally up our own statistical information to help us discover and make decisions from there. But it's one true testimonial at a time that helps us make decisions about what we can or cannot eat, which exercises actually work, and which tips actually work.

The experts tell us all the time about what various studies have proven about a product or activity. It's time to engage in everyday studies among people who are willing to let the others know what their real findings were, based on some lived-out advice of experts like my personal favorite, Dr. Axe.

3) If you're like many middle-class and under-privileged people, who may be as health-conscious as anyone with a large budget for expensive health foods plus gym memberships, you have reason to feel incredibly limited from access to healthy options you can't even afford. But you also have reason to dig deeper and research solutions. Within the SaladEaters blogs and forum, we desire to present affordable solutions for healthy living.

4) Recently, after browsing some weight loss tips on youtube, I came across a demonstration on how to lose belly fat. Well, that was my kind of video to watch. I watched the vlogger use an incredibly unusual method for losing belly fat. But that didn't stop me from planning to incorporate it into the next few weeks of my weight loss activities.


(I did notice a slight difference in that visceral fat in my upper belly. But the slight reduction was nothing that my newly discovered planks couldn't take care of effectively and within 6 weeks of consistency.)

What grabbed my attention and my curiosity on bona fide results initially was that one of the commenters under that video told readers that he/she would be back within 3 weeks to report on the results of trying the belly-reducing method. The person reported a slight reduction, I think. I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to interact with people regularly online like that?"


We want to facilitate a community of people willing to share among each other what they discovered to be effective on themselves and how those results can help others, who have common goals to experience the rewards of health and fitness.

Do other websites and forums exist with such reports of true-journey/real-results within a community? They surely do. I've read them and joined them. Yet, I still find myself hyper-searching the Internet for more tips, more reports of testimonials, and more information. When health and fitness remain to be a goal, "more" is better. (SaladEaters joined that list of "more" resources.) Maybe you're like me by liking more resources...

If you are, well then...

Welcome, Salad-Eater!


WOTHAN (woman of the house and nurturer), blogger, administrator, co-founder of,

and your fellow salad-eater

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