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Health food recipes
Here, we're considered
s a l a d - e a t e r s





when we need to chat with real people who can share their actual experiences and their actual results while aiming for the same health goals;

when we're looking for more bargains and practical advice within a community, as we're confronted with the high expenses of healthy living;

when self-discipline becomes so challenging that we need additional support and information on our journey toward healthy lifestyle;​

when we're healthy and fit with tips to share;

when the pants don't fit anymore, when friends from back in the day no longer recognize us for obvious reasons, when we're imagining fruit to be a piece of candy...;

So, why

Avocado benefits
Avocado For Hair, Skin, and Healthy Weight 


If there is any single food that has proven itself to offer a multitude of benefits in my family, avocado is that 5-star food in my household. The blogs on this fruit (yes, fruit) are written by both experts and fellow laymen bloggers. Here are uses I've learned about and experienced in avocados. Read more.

metabolism boosting salad
Smoothies that boost metabolism
Power Smoothies
SaladEater Burger Recipe

From time to time, yes, I have to have a burger for reasons that have everything to do with craving and nothing to do with necessity. So, how can I keep myself in a safety zone with little to no risk of gaining weight while still allowing myself to indulge in a burger? Just make it myself.


Go get that recipe! 

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